Bobcat Brewery’s Flood Suds

It’s been just over a year since Tropical Storm Irene hit Vermont. Much was lost to the flooding that ensued, but the pure Vermont spirit of resilience and community shines brightest in the dark. We pulled together to support those who lost everything, cleared the debris and started to rebuild. Bristol-based Bobcat Café & Brewery’s newest release, Flood Suds, celebrates this spirit as well as directly helping Vermont farmers.

Using only ingredients grown in Vermont, Flood Suds is inspired by the Belgian style of witbier (white beer). Light in color and light- to medium-bodied, Flood Suds show notes of citrus and coriander leading to a perfect beer to enjoy on a sunny late-summer day.

Proceeds from the sale of Flood Suds will go to raise money for farmer’s affected by Tropical Storm Irene.

Supplies are limited, so come pick up a bottle today!

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